Lately, I have become more and more interested in facial care. Since a few months I have become very strict when it comes to skincare. A beautiful skin starts with good skincare routine and I do this twice a day. I have very easy skin and therefore I do not use ‘special’ products. Almost all products are from Nivea because I am always satisfied with their products (oh well, it also saves a lot of walking and searching in the store).

My skincare routine step by step:


Step 1 Cleansing milk 

I always start with an eye make-up remover from Nivea to remove the make-up on my eyelids. I put a little bit on a cotton pat and put it on my eyelids. The skin around your eyes is very thin and therefore very fragile. It is harmful to rub your eyes and I do not do this either. When you put the cotton pat on your eyes for a while and then take them away, almost all make-up is removed. Then I remove the rest of my make-up with a cleansing milk (this is also good to use for waterproof products). I put some cleansing milk on my face and massage my face a bit. I remove the cleansing milk with a towel. 

Step 2 Scrub (optional)

Two to three times a week I apply a scrub after the cleansing milk. Scrubbing has many advantages: it removes the top layer of skin cells, everything you do afterwards can penetrate deeper into your skin layer and it stimulates your blood circulation.


Step 3 Mask (optional)

My favorite mask is this mud mask from Etos. It smells so good and the mask has my favorite color, pink of course. Every skin is different and every mask is different. It is important that you choose a mask that suits your skin.

Step 4 Tonic

With a tonic I remove the remains of the cleansing milk and the mask. A tonic ensures that the pH value of your skin is neutralized. A correct pH value ensures that the creams from the next step can do it’s job better.

Step 5 Day or night creme

The last step is to apply a day or night cream. I use two types as a day cream. I use the day cream with the pink cap when I do not apply make-up. The other is a colored day cream. I am not a fan of foundation and this is the perfect solution for me. This is a combination of a day cream and foundation. It has a nurturing effect and at the same time a light coverage. You have to take into account that it covers less than a normal foundation.

What does your skincare routine look like?



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